How To: Whiten Converse

If you are anything like me, nothing is better than a fresh, clean pair of white Converse. Last summer I took myself and my broke girl budget to Kohl’s and bought my first pair… and then I did what any normal person does, I wore them everyday for the next couple of months. Well subsequently, they ended up much more brown than white. I was determined to not have to buy another pair so I researched how to make them white again. It worked so well they virtually look brand new. Here is how I did it:

  • Mix 2 cups Baking Soda with 2.5 cups liquid laundry detergent. I used Tide.
  • Get a clean toothbrush (that you don’t plan on using again) and mix the ingredients together to form a bubbly paste.
  • Get your Converse and remove the shoelaces and run the shoes under COLD water.

  • After they are soaked use the toothbrush to scrub the paste all over the shoes, scrubbing more on extra dirty spots. Do this in the sink because the paste could lighten counters and floors.
  • After you finish both shoes, rinse them off with cold water and throw them in a mesh washing bag.
  • Put them in the washing machine with just a tad bit of laundry detergent and run them on a full cycle using cold water.
  • Remove from washing machine and let air dry. (I got impatient and used a blow-dryer).
  • Use a magic eraser for all the rubber parts on the shoes

*As for the shoe laces, you can chose to scrub them with the paste or just buy new ones. I tossed mine because buying new shoe laces was only a couple bucks. Call me lazy, fine.

                                           Before & After: 



I hope this works well for everyone. My converse are one of my favorite fashion staples! 

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Happy converse cleaning!



19 thoughts on “How To: Whiten Converse

  1. kaajas says:

    I need to to thank you for this very good read!!
    I absolutely loved every bit of it. I have got you book-marked to check out new
    things you post…

    • nicoleblane says:

      Yes. It should have no effect on the shoes as long as it is normal detergent. I think mine had a hint of blue and it was fine. Thanks for checking out my post and let me know it works! :)

    • nicoleblane says:

      A magic eraser is a product that you can find in the cleaning section of your grocery store. They are white and feel like foam and when you scrub the rubber parts of your shoes, it will clean them!

  2. Kylie says:

    This helped so much! I’ve been looking for a way to clean them that didn’t involve leaving them out in the sun! They look new! Thank you!!

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