Super Simple Makeup Brush Cleaning

Men have shiny tool boxes filled from top to bottom with all sorts of gadgets. Women have magical tools too, and ours are called makeup brushes. Makeup brushes get used nearly every day and are essentially beautiful paint brushes for our face.. so why don’t we clean them like we would paint? When foundation, blush, and eye shadow gets caked on over time it can cause the brushes to harden or lose their shape and also cause breakouts (and ain’t nobody got time for that). In fact, we should be cleaning our brushes once a week. 

So how do you clean them? There is one super simple way to clean them without having to buy expensive cleaner or spend daunting amounts of time. All you need is a little bottle of baby shampoo… and that’s it!

Put a couple drops of the baby shampoo in your palm and make brush strokes with your brush using lukewarm water. Hot water can harm the brush. As you brush it in your palm you’ll begin to see all that crud that was hiding in between the bristles start to come out. Just keep rinsing and brushing back and forth until you start to see the brush clean again.

Repeat this for all your brushes (even big fluffy ones). Put them on a paper towel to dry. Once dry they will be shiny and clean!




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