Mason Jar Flower Vases

Before I explain how to make these beauties, let me just say that this was one of the easiest crafts I have ever made… and the cutest.

I saw inspiration last week from Pinterest and decided that I had to make these for my new room.

Materials Needed: 

  • Regular sized Mason Jars (however many you want)
  • Acrylic Paint – I used the brand Americana in shade Spa Blue, from Hobby Lobby
  • Paint brush
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Nail file or sandpaper

Take the lids off of the Mason Jars and begin to apply paint. Make sure that the jars are clean, especially if you are using previously used ones. I used two coats of paint on my jars.

Let the jars dry for at least 3 hours.


Did I mention, I love this color?!

After you have the jars painted you want to take a nail file or small piece of sandpaper and gently rub over the letters on the jars for a distressed look. Depending on how distressed you want it to look, you can also file down other areas, like I did.

and voila! 



Room Makeover: On a College Budget

Howdy from Oklahoma on a very cold day!

I know… it has literally been months since I have been on here. Between nannying, traveling, oh and school (of course), I have barely had time to think about my blog. I was expecting to log in and see cobwebs on the screen and a little notification that said “Oops: No one has visited your blog! You suck!”

… but boy, was I wrong. It told me instead that I’ve had thousands of views from 41 countries. Um what?! Needless to say I was shocked, and a little terrified. I need to step up my game when it comes to making posts!

So, for those of you reading this I am going to try with all my might to start posting at least once every 2 weeks. Thankfully, I have lots of upcoming projects i’ll be doing. The reason for my new found inspiration? I’m moving!

With moving comes some big time stress though. Especially when you are like me and decide that you want to re-do your entire color scheme and all of your furnishings for your new place with little to no money (college probs). So what’s a girl to do? Repeat after me: DIY and Pinterest, DIY and Pinterest, DIY… you get the point.

In addition, I found an awesome blog for some design ideas and totally cute Mason Jar projects called It All Started With Paint. I’ll be posting the results of some Mason Jar flower vases i’m working on right now, soon!

I hope to make a blog post for each design or DIY project I complete and then eventually show the final results all put together & prove that you can do all of this on a college budget. Picture me being Rosie the Riveter and saying “We Can Do It”. (This was actually my Halloween costume this year so it seems very fitting.)


Check back soon!

Chevron Monogram Wall Art

Chevron has become super popular and is absolutely adorable. Tonight at a painting party I learned just how difficult painting chevron things can be. I honestly think I gained a few grey hairs trying to make it perfect. After a few snacks and almost 4 hours of work later I completed my first chevron painting:


The easiest way to tackle chevron is to use painter’s tape. Paint one color with the tape on and then after it dries take the tape off and paint the other color. Also, use flat edges brushes.. they are a lifesaver! Oh, and see the letters? I totally did that in Sharpie. It’s so much easier and looks just the same as black paint (and of course I used a stencil).

This was so much fun and was all done at a birthday party located at The Studio: Art on Main in Collinsville, OK. Hit them up for your next party! They were so helpful and awesome. :)



How To: Whiten Converse

If you are anything like me, nothing is better than a fresh, clean pair of white Converse. Last summer I took myself and my broke girl budget to Kohl’s and bought my first pair… and then I did what any normal person does, I wore them everyday for the next couple of months. Well subsequently, they ended up much more brown than white. I was determined to not have to buy another pair so I researched how to make them white again. It worked so well they virtually look brand new. Here is how I did it:

  • Mix 2 cups Baking Soda with 2.5 cups liquid laundry detergent. I used Tide.
  • Get a clean toothbrush (that you don’t plan on using again) and mix the ingredients together to form a bubbly paste.
  • Get your Converse and remove the shoelaces and run the shoes under COLD water.

  • After they are soaked use the toothbrush to scrub the paste all over the shoes, scrubbing more on extra dirty spots. Do this in the sink because the paste could lighten counters and floors.
  • After you finish both shoes, rinse them off with cold water and throw them in a mesh washing bag.
  • Put them in the washing machine with just a tad bit of laundry detergent and run them on a full cycle using cold water.
  • Remove from washing machine and let air dry. (I got impatient and used a blow-dryer).
  • Use a magic eraser for all the rubber parts on the shoes

*As for the shoe laces, you can chose to scrub them with the paste or just buy new ones. I tossed mine because buying new shoe laces was only a couple bucks. Call me lazy, fine.

                                           Before & After: 



I hope this works well for everyone. My converse are one of my favorite fashion staples! 

Speaking of fashion, if anyone is interested in Stitch Fix (my newest addiction) where you get a stylist who ships clothes to your door, You can start with my referral link:
Happy converse cleaning!


Jewelry Organization – quick & thrifty

It’s a beautiful spring day In Owasso, Oklahoma… and the only thing better than a beautiful day is a beautiful closet. I have to admit that most of the time my closet/room look like a tornado struck (it is tornado season, after all).

My problem?

I want everything to be on display, of course! I have never been a huge fan of using drawers or jewelry boxes because they hide my beautiful little treasures (and when you’re on a college budget, you treasure everything.) Well I sadly haven’t found a perfect solution for clothes organization yet but I did find one for some of my jewelry & I call it a jewelry board. 



This project was insanely simple and only took about 20 minutes to put together. All supplies came from Hobby Lobby and came to about 22 bucks. Don’t forget to use a 40% off mobile coupon!

Supplies used: 

  • 1 framed cork board. Comes with the hardware to mount to the wall.

  • 2 sheets of scrapbook paper (I used a rose gold glitter paper)
  • about 14 inches of accent ribbon (I chose the chevron because it matched my natural colors theme)
  • Twelve 1″ cup hooks

  • Tacky Glue

Putting the board together is very simple. Use the tacky glue to attach the scrapbook paper. I had to cut one of the sheets and shape it around the area to fit. I ended up leaving the earring side of the board empty so that the earrings were easy to see. The board comes with a few thumb tacks, which is what I used to attach the ribbon to provide a visual barrier between the areas. Last but not least, gently insert the cup hooks into the board through the scrapbook paper. Since my paper was very sturdy, I didn’t have any issues with it tearing or messing it up. After that, you can choose to paint the frame or add some extra bling.

For an extra touch, I found little metal mini bins in the dollar section at Target. I sat them next to my jewelry board to hold bobby pins & backs to my earrings. Get creative!