5 Steps to Flawless Summer Makeup

Summer has officially started here in good ole Oklahoma. That means one thing here: it’s HOT. I think the snocone was God’s gift to those of us in the heat of the country. As the days get longer and the shorts get shorter, I have noticed that I tend to wear less makeup… and somehow pull it off. It’s not just because of sweat that I wear less makeup, seeing as I tend to have pretty heavy-duty makeup, but mostly it’s due to a better tan and lots of trips to the pool & lake. As much as I love, love, love fall & early winter, I really do enjoy not having to spend as much time getting ready.

With less makeup comes a different type of commitment: finding the right products. Without figuring out the ‘less is more’ rule, things could get a little scary.

This is my 5-step guide to the perfect Summer makeup: 

1. Concealer: 

This is just one of those things I can’t live without, regardless of the season. I tend to have two on-hand: a darker one for summer and a lighter one for the winter. My favorite one is by Bobbi Brown and comes with a powder to put over the cream, essential for sweaty summer days. Buy it here.

2. BB Cream:

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been seeing commercials these days advertise for ‘BB’, ‘CC, and ‘DD’ creams… and wondering if it’s an ad for Victoria’s Secret. Once I actually did some research I realized that a BB Cream is perfect for summer. It’s lighter than a foundation, but stronger than a tinted moisturizer so it still covers up most blemishes and has a SPF so you don’t need to worry about adding sunscreen to your face. My favorite BB cream right now is by Clinique. You can find it here.

3. Bronzer: 

This is my favorite part of my summer makeup regime. I found the perfect bronzer recently that doubles as a bronzer and a blush. I’m such a makeup nerd that it literally makes me giddy. Brush a little on your cheeks and T-Zone after applying a BB cream and you’ll be good to go! What’s this ‘perfect’ bronzer called? Illuminating Bronzing Powder by Bobbi Brown in shade ‘Santa Barbara’.

4. Mascara: 

During the summer I tend to skip eyeliner and eyeshadow most days. Mostly because nothing is worse than jumping in a pool and coming up from the water looking like a raccoon. That being said, I still like to have my eyelashes pop. I have searched far and wide for the ‘perfect mascara’ and the best one I’ve found comes from a drugstore and it’s Loreal Paris’s Power Volume Mascara in ‘blackest black’. Use a little bit of this by itself for a pretty & simple look.

5. Lip Balm

The last product I love to use on summer days is simply: lip balm. Lip gloss makes me feel sticky, lipstick is too fancy for the pool. Not to mention the need for moisture after tanning. I adore Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut & Pear. It smells & tastes like summer happiness.

I have found that with the combination of these 5 products you can pull off a simple, pretty summer look that looks like you didn’t spend time putting on makeup (and isn’t that the whole point, anyway?)


Let me know what you guys use for your summer makeup by leaving me a comment! :)



Foggy Goodness

Check out my super-talented-photographer-and-best-friend’s amazing pictures she took in December in Norman, OK. So, so pretty!

Her blog can be found here.

Kelsey Higley

In early December of last year, Norman, OK was covered in thick blanket of fog. I went out with a few friends to take photos and never got around to editing them! Well, today I had some free time and stumbled across them. Here’s a few of my favorites.

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Becoming: Proverbs 31 Girl ✓

Such a beautiful post that reminds us ladies how to live the way God would want us to.

Proverbs 31, Proverbs 31 Woman, Growing up I always had the mentality that Proverbs 31 was qualities that a wife and mother needed to have. Whenever I read that chapter I always thought to myself “Wow, what an amazing woman of God – I’m going to have a LOT to work on to keep up with the standards that she sets”. Recently as I was once again reading this chapter from the bible it dawned on me that I need to work on having all of those qualities in my life right now – not the day after my wedding. There’s a saying out there about how putting a ring on your finger and getting married does not mean that you will automatically become this amazing wife/husband you thought you would be. If you don’t possess these qualities in your life before marriage, then you won’t have them after you get married either.

I decided to break…

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Super Simple Makeup Brush Cleaning

Men have shiny tool boxes filled from top to bottom with all sorts of gadgets. Women have magical tools too, and ours are called makeup brushes. Makeup brushes get used nearly every day and are essentially beautiful paint brushes for our face.. so why don’t we clean them like we would paint? When foundation, blush, and eye shadow gets caked on over time it can cause the brushes to harden or lose their shape and also cause breakouts (and ain’t nobody got time for that). In fact, we should be cleaning our brushes once a week. 

So how do you clean them? There is one super simple way to clean them without having to buy expensive cleaner or spend daunting amounts of time. All you need is a little bottle of baby shampoo… and that’s it!

Put a couple drops of the baby shampoo in your palm and make brush strokes with your brush using lukewarm water. Hot water can harm the brush. As you brush it in your palm you’ll begin to see all that crud that was hiding in between the bristles start to come out. Just keep rinsing and brushing back and forth until you start to see the brush clean again.

Repeat this for all your brushes (even big fluffy ones). Put them on a paper towel to dry. Once dry they will be shiny and clean!



Chevron Monogram Wall Art

Chevron has become super popular and is absolutely adorable. Tonight at a painting party I learned just how difficult painting chevron things can be. I honestly think I gained a few grey hairs trying to make it perfect. After a few snacks and almost 4 hours of work later I completed my first chevron painting:


The easiest way to tackle chevron is to use painter’s tape. Paint one color with the tape on and then after it dries take the tape off and paint the other color. Also, use flat edges brushes.. they are a lifesaver! Oh, and see the letters? I totally did that in Sharpie. It’s so much easier and looks just the same as black paint (and of course I used a stencil).

This was so much fun and was all done at a birthday party located at The Studio: Art on Main in Collinsville, OK. Hit them up for your next party! They were so helpful and awesome. :)



Favorite Item of the Week: Southern Sass Tank

Being an Oklahoma girl, nothing makes me happier than a little bit of country flair. In fact, if you ever come visit me at work.. chances are 9 times out of 10 i’m in cowboy boots. So naturally when I found this beautiful tank at work, I had to have one.



You can purchase the tank at Creme de la Creme Boutique in Collinsville, OK or buy online at http://www.calamityjanesokc.com/. The best part? It’s only 28 dollars! And well, the shirt says it all ;)

Also, don’t forget to check back this week for some yummy recipes and crafts!



Livin’ That Pug Life

Yesterday, while on a binge Target shopping trip, I was looking at the swim suits and trying to decide which one would look the least awful on me (I like chocolate, okay?), when I noticed the most adorable “Livin’ That Pug Life” graphic tee. I instantly thought of my fur baby, Sophie. I got Sophie almost one year ago as a newborn pup and was so excited to have a loving, sweet, and calm new best friend. BOY, was I wrong. If having your first dog is like having a baby.. I ended up with the equivalent of extremely hyper and needy triplets. Most of the time between gritted teeth and chasing after her, with what my mom and I like to call ‘the whoopin’ stick’, (a cardboard paper towel roll), It dawns on me that having her is the best form of birth control known to man kind.

By the way, in case anyone was wondering… we’ve never successfully used ‘the whoopin’ stick’. Sophie either runs away too quickly or merely tries to eat it in the act. I should have known that Sophie’s birthday being Cinco De Mayo meant she was fiesty. 

Anyways, back to Target. As i’m standing there looking at this t-shirt a warm fuzzy feeling comes over me and I realize that even though most of the time shes being completely ornery, I really do love my little spitfire (she might get some of that from here mama). Later, an even more mind-boggling thought comes to mind.. what if we all acted like pugs? Of course this idea is absolutely crazy but maybe there’s something we could all learn from pugs. These are my 5 reasons why pugs are the best: 

  1. They love deeply. Nothing makes a pug happier than love and affection from a human, or even a dog best friend (a French Bulldog). Can you imagine if we all loved others that much?
  2. They have an abundance of energy. This might just be during the ‘puppy phase’.. but sheesh, I would love to be able to run around that much.
  3. They aren’t ashamed to eat in front of others. This one might be a bit of an understatement. If you’ve ever seen a pug eat.. you know what I mean.
  4. They can cheer anyone up. I’m almost certain that the best medicine for a bad day is watching a pug chase its curly tail.
  5. They are dedicated companions. Whether you’re in the shower, on the toilet, at the kitchen table.. you can bet that you’re pug will be right next to you every step of the way.

Oh, and in case anyone was curious what my little bundle of joy looks like, here is Ms.Sophie Lane:


ruff’ said.